Friday, November 30, 2007

let it snow, let it snow, let it . . . snow?

Tomorrow is the first day of December and evidently mother nature is not going to let us forget that up here in the Midwest. So we anticipate our first snowstorm of the year with accumulations of 3-5 inches. Now really this isn't anything that should concern the majority of us - not enough to really muck up the roads and it shouldn't be too much trouble to shovel. Of course in certain areas of the country this amount of snow would cause massive school closings and citizens would stock up on food in anticipation of being stuck in their homes. But here in Wisconsin we are hardy folk and we embrace the snow . . . well some of us do anyway.

Normally I don't mind a little snow, actually look forward to the crunch of it beneath your feet, the hushed quiet sound outside in the middle of a storm, and I've been known to slap a pair of skiis on my feet and hit the local golf course or park for some cross training. But I've decided to extend my cyclocross season this year and this means I'd prefer if winter decided to hit on December 18 - after I'm safely home from Cross Nats in Kansas City. Looks like I won't be that lucky.

This Sunday's State Championship in the Milwaukee area is sure to be an interesting one. Sure I like a muddy cross race as much as the next person.
photo by scott

But a cold, wet, snowy, muddy cross race? That's a whole different thing. And after just getting over another cold I'm not sure how well I'll respond to such a fine race experience. But I'll go with it - start psyching myself up now. "Yeah! Racing in the wet snow and mud is fun - I love it when I can't get any traction and my brakes don't work, and my hands and feet are so numb I can't even feel them! What better way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon!"

Check out Tom Held from the Wisconsin State Journal and his preview of the State Race . He even included a nice shot of me from the Badger Prairie race in October.

Here is a shot of Holly from IL in their State Champ race from last year. That's coming up next weekend - I would bet that the white stuff may still be on the ground by then. I'll be there - rain or shine, snow or sleet.

Seriously, it WILL be fun. I do embrace the nasty conditions, everyone has to deal with them and if you don't let it get to you too much it gives you an edge. So I say bring it on! And, well, if the weathermen and ladies happen to be wrong then I'll happily forgive them. Anybody wanna clean my bike!?

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