Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Icy Road to Kansas City

It somehow seems fitting that a major ice storm hits Kansas just days before national cyclocross races are set to go off. Cross is about surviving brutal conditions and thankfully the storms hit BEFORE the races anyway. It made for an eerily beautiful drive from Madison and the trees were thick with ice from Dubuque, Iowa all the way into Kansas. Roads were clear though so JP, Glen, and I had no problem making the trip. My pictures from the car didn't turn out too well so I apologize for how blurry they are.

We stopped in Iowa City for some lunch and after driving around for nearly 15 minutes we finally found a parking spot.
The downtown was packed - we saw this bus and wondered if a political rally was going on. Turns out Mr. Edwards sort of got stuck in the city because of the storm and was making the most out of the opportunity and campaigning extra hard.

This poor tree on the Iowa campus looked pretty sad. Broken branches were a common sight today.

Some icy pictures of Iowa City.

I don't race until Sunday so the next couple of days I'll cheer on all of the racers from the Midwest and see what sort of condition the course is in. I'm guessing all of the ice will make things very interesting. Temps are supposed to warm up by Sunday and I'm thinking the mud will be plentiful. It will be a good time for sure.

With free wireless at the hotel and a fair amount of time on my hands I'll probably try to do a few more updates - I'm turning into a blog junkie already. I leave you with a picture of Cider in her stylish new down jacket. Doesn't she look trendy? Now we just need to get her a pair of Ugg boots and drop her off at the coffee shop to get a latte.


Seth said...

Good luck in KC, Kristin! You can't snake your way out of collegiate bonds; even MWCCC kids you don't know will be excited if they read your name during the CyclingNews live report. Make all of them proud!

Melissa said...

Kristin-Good Luck in KC!! Tim and Jim say don't forget to sample the bar-b-que!! Nate and Nick say HI!! Talk to you soon. L, s,j,t,m,n, and n

Anonymous said...

Have fun at nationals, good luck on sunday. Stay warm and dry ( ha ha ). Don't forget to call. mom and dad

Anonymous said...

dave becomes a tri-geek and now cider is wearing down coats! what has this world come to???