Tuesday, January 22, 2008

San Diego Update

I had intended to update more from San Diego but my computer wasn't working all week and I didn't want to hijack anybody else's computer for a blog. We've had a good week all in all but the weather certainly could have been a little nicer. Monday's ride up a snowy cold mountain set a lot of us up for getting sick and being super duper lucky I've had a touch of a cold since Wednesday. I felt well enough to continue to ride all week but this morning I started feeling worse and took today off. My computer has magically decided it will work again so I figured I'd at least write a small update.

Here are some highlights and some photos.

Our wintery ride up Mt. Palomar. Note - climbing in 35 degree temps is fun, descending is not!

We happened to spot the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile parked at a nearby hotel - we even sang the song.

Post ride stop at one of many lovely cafes in the area.

A group of us up at Torrey Pines - beautiful views.

Going to the beach - note the new team jackets

Lori, Jess, and I on our jaunt down to Point Loma

Today is gorgeous out - probably the nicest day yet. Too bad I feel icky and can't bring myself to ride. I'm hoping the flight home tomorrow isn't too painful. Maybe I'll pick up some drugs to knock me out.

All in all it's been a fun week. We've got an excellent team put together for this season and I'm really excited to see what we can accomplish. Should be a successful and fun year! Alright - I'm out - I think I might go lay in the sun for a bit and see if I can boil this cold out of my system!

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Velogoddess said...

KMW - hope you are feeling better soon. thanks for all your hard work organizing things - and for the (evil like crack) cookies! see you after the midwest thaws...