Friday, June 6, 2008

School is out for the summer!

Technically this is finals week but with Nature Valley this week my last day was Friday. We've been dissecting fetal pigs for our final anatomy/physiology unit and they were getting pretty disgusting. A lot of the kids got really into the project though and perhaps I had some future doctors and surgeons in my classes? It was a lot of fun working with my students for almost the whole semester and it's so cool to see them progress and change over a few months. I learned a lot this semester and it was a great opportunity - we'll see if it helps me get a full time job in the district.

Not too many exciting race updates since last post. I did local Wisconsin races the past two weekends. Jess came up for the crit in Sussex and we both got in a break of 4. We kept attacking on the last lap and I managed a win just ahead of the hard charging Kaitie. This past weekend was the State Road Race aka - racing in a monsoon. The thunder and lighting neutralized our race after 7 miles and we had to huddle together under the tent for almost an hour. The wind picked up and we were pretty cold by the time the race restarted - lots of uncontrollable teeth chattering and twitching muscles! It was a bonding experience! Many riders decided to call it a day and go home and our race was shortened to 13 miles. After a few attacks a group of 5 of us stayed away after the first lap. I couldn't come around for the sprint finish and I ended up 4th. Congrats to Kristen M. for the win and Ashley J. the Wisconsin gold medalist.

I'm headed to Minneapolis this morning with Jess for Nature Valley Grand Prix. With the field limit reached and 150 women starting this race it's going to be pretty ridiculous. Racing starts Wednesday night with the St. Paul crit. I'll try to post some updates and remember to take pictures!!

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