Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Blast from the past - Dave and I on his birthday in 2002

Not too much going on this past week. I took some time off the bike and started easing into running. I know it sounds wimpy but I found a ten minute run to be perfect for being able to walk down stairs pain free the next day. Hopefully I'll be up to 30 minutes by the end of this week!

I've been working quite a bit at the Row which is always pretty fun. I know retail can be a drag sometimes but I really enjoy talking bikes with people all day and our view of the lake is beautiful. We're down to two weeks until Ironman time so the place will soon be crowded with crazy triathletes getting their last minute supplies. I love it!

Speaking of Ironmen . . . Saturday was Dave's birthday so we spent a nice day together which unfortunately is something we don't do too often with our crazy training/racing schedules. We headed to the Farmer's Market for some local meat and veggies as well as coffee and a scone and watched a bit of the National Open Water swim competition in Lake Monona. Not exactly a great spectator sport and certainly not as impressive as the 2,000 plus swimmers that will be out for Ironman but still interesting to watch.

Then we went for a 4 hour ride and I attempted to stay in my big ring the entire time. Made it until the last half hour when I decided spinning into town might be a good idea. Dave is riding well though and I'm always happy to stick to his wheel for a few hours. Here was my view all day! It was so beautiful out and it was a great day to be out on the bike.

Had a quiet dinner at home of tasty steak and sweet corn cooked on the grill and our usual spinach fruit salad. Cider was in heaven with some of the table scraps - she loves gnawing on corn cobs and she got a little possessive with the beef bone!

A drink and dessert at a local restaurant capped off our evening along with a final night of watching some of the Olympics. I have to admit we were pretty glued to the idiot box the last couple of weeks watching all of the events. All of the dumb reality/game shows now on will pale in comparison although I must also somewhat sheepishly admit we're kinda big fans of TLC's Jon and Kate plus 8. There's just something entertaining about watching them deal with all those kids - and the fact that they need a Dodge Sprinter van just to get around is pretty hilarious.

Cross time is drawing near and I'll be on hand this Saturday for the Planet Bike Cross clinic. The one and only Jonathan Page will be leading the clinic and I'll be there to help out but I'll probably come away with a few pointers from JP too! Should be a fun time and if you're in the Madison area I encourage you to come out for it - info on Madcross.

No real exciting updates otherwise! I'm busy with trying to figure out plans for next season on the road. If you know any businesses that want to sponsor a really cool women's team give me a shout! :)

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