Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 1 - Cyclo Stampede

I'm actually posting an update rather than a weekly recap! Nothing better to do sitting around at the Super8 waiting for this afternoon's race. No pictures until Monday though as I'm using the Ipod instead of a laptop. Traveled down to the races with my teammate Marko and Brian Matter came with us also. Not too often that you get three chances for UCI points. Hot and bumpy course yesterday in Kentucky and some fierce competition with Compton, Gould, and Butler racing along with several other strong riders - a total of 20 riders. I didn't have a great start - clipping my left foot in always seems so much more difficult after the gun goes off. Having a rider go down in front of you doesn't help either. The first two laps were spent picking people off and getting into 9th place. A group of three was maybe 15 seconds up and I had 30 or so seconds on the next rider. I managed to stay upright despite a few steep little ditches that I thought were going to throw me off my bike a few times. With two laps to go the riders ahead of me had some mishaps. I capitalized and passed two of them with a half lap to go. I tried to keep the pace high and the corners smooth and was close to catching the other rider but came across the line for 7th. All in all I felt pretty good and was happy to snag some points. Congrats to fellow Midwestern Devon on her poium 5th place finish. Thanks to my buddy Mike for being in the pit and helping me out pre and post race. It's so great to have someone in there just in case.
I then got to be a spectator for Marko and Brian in the Mens Pro race. Marko had some bad luck after the hole shot and after running into a downed rider he dropped his chain. After having to stop and put it back on he was in second to last place. I watched in amazement as he picked his way through dozens of riders. Two laps later he was in 15th place. Brian had a great race and was sitting comfortably in a group of three going for 7th place. A few laps later Marko had bridged to Brians group and on the last lap attacked them to cross the line for 7th. Brian was next for 8th. A solid showing for Wisconsin on Day 1. I'd like to see what Marko can do without a mechanical mishap. Today will be another hot one with a high of 84. Should make us good and dehydrated by the end of the race!

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sydney said...

Congrats on a good ride! I'm so jealous not to be there racing. Sigh.