Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wisconsin racing - Lapham Peak

So Dave and I both raced this weekend at the first event in the Wisconsin Cylocross Series at Lapham Peak. Dave hasn't done a cross race in 3 years and it was fun to both be racing together. Cool weather in the 50s which I suppose is perfect for cross but after our mild September I'm still getting used to it. Turnout was pretty low but there was a WORS race as well as a Chicago CX race going on.

Brian and Dave lube up the chamois for some bike racing (way more fun than triathlons right guys?)

I signed up for two races - womens 1/2 and Mens 30+ 1/2/3 - figuring I could use the extra training. A bit disappointed that there were only 6 women for the race - 3 of which were my own teammates! I let Kaitie lead out the race before coming around after half a lap. I tried to just keep the gas on and pick off guys from the Masters race that started in front of us. New shoes and pedals had me a bit frustrated as my left foot just didn't want to unclip - I nearly crashed several times!

Not really sure why I chose to stick my tongue out at Renee but it's a funny picture nonetheless - thanks for the photo and being out there documenting the day Renee!

After taking the win in the womens race I lined up for the mens. Dave was also racing this event so there was some joking amongst the field that he better ride hard if he wanted to stay ahead of me! That he did. He took off on lap one and was riding solo by the third lap.
thanks Renee!

I tried to push a bit harder in this race and was riding with a group of three guys for the majority of the race. I didn't realize where I was at in the field until a friend of mine yelled that I was in 4th place. That meant 2nd and 3rd were the two guys just in front of me and Dave must be winning - sweet!
thanks Renee!

Each lap got tougher though and the steep hill we had to ride up every lap was hurting me each lap. Thankfully there were some amazing super fans out there to help keep a smile on my face every time up. Thanks for all the cheering guys and gals!

The last lap I had a solid gap on the rider behind me and the two guys ahead were too far up so I indulged the superfans by taking a beer hand up. They always offer and I generally always decline but I was getting thirsty and I knew they'd get a kick out of me taking a swig of PBR. And I must say it tasted really good!

All in all a really fun day. Dave and I both scored some wins and I was pretty excited to get 4th in the mens race and win some $$ there too!

Next few weekends will be spent on the road with UCI races in Ohio, Toronto, and Kentucky. I leave this evening for 3 days of racing down in Ohio with teammates Mark, Kaitie A. and Linda. Lots of $$ up for grabs for the women and we'll also get to see our superstar World Cup #1 champion teammate Katie Compton. She's just back from her win in Italy on Sunday and it will be good to see her on American soil for a few more races!

Thanks for reading!

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Racerveza - Denny Yunk said...

Congrats to you both. It was a pleasure meeting you, but considerably less pleasant chasing one of you while being chased by the other!