Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Can't believe we're already at Halloween and the end of October! Whew - time flies. The weather sure has been summer-like though. I had yesterday off and enjoyed the sun and brisk south wind with a 4 hour ride. I try to not encourage global warming but I'm certainly going to get out on the bike on these weirdly warm days. Single digits will be here soon enough.

Another cross race in the books at Washington Park this past Sunday. Halloween Cross is definitely a sight to behold and (unlike boring un-costumed me) many racers stepped up and had really great costumes. Here is my teammate Xena . . . I mean, Monique.

She made this entire thing herself! Too bad the pins on her skirt stabbed her legs throughout the race - ouch! - way to battle Warrior Princess!

This is one of my favorite courses. In a city park it has a good mix of short climbs, fast sections, a hill run up, and twists through beautiful fall trees. Lots of Halloween touches too - tombstones of past cycling legends, ghosts in the trees, etc. They even threw in a short little hoppable barrier enscribed with "bunny hop or DIE" on it. Somehow I made it over every time - but my back wheel would make a terrible smack every time as my bunny hopping skillz are severely lacking. Rebecca from GB showed up and she showed us all how it's done - nice job Dorothy - looks like Toto is enjoying the ride!

So the race was really fun. Thirteen of us on the line and only three of us dressed as ourselves :) Sam started the race out quick and I sat on her wheel - I need a better warm up for this stuff - I just am not ready for the fast starts. We took turns leading for two laps and then I edged past her and tried to get a gap. No looking back after that and I just hoped I could make it over the bunny hop without getting a flat every lap! I decided to jump into the guys race immediately after because hey, you can never have too much suffering in cross! I pretty much started at the back so as not to get in the way and just tried to have a solid effort. I actually felt pretty decent but still came in dead last and got lapped by many of the fast guys. AWESOME fans on the hill run up - just a tunnel of noise, complete with some dude dressed up as a french maid (fish nets and all) who would feather dust me every time at the top.

I was walking over those barriers by the end of my second race. Great race - and the warm temps were certainly nice - I'll take riding in just a jersey and shorts as long as I can.

I've also officially decided to go to Cross Nats in Kansas City on December 16. There are some great local racers (thanks JP and Renee!!) who have helped me with the logistics and it sounds like too much fun to pass up. I'm not sure where I'll fit in racing against all the top women but I'll give it my best! Katie Compton is just unreal - she's an absolute powerhouse and won Louisville on Saturday by 2 minutes against fierce competition. Will be an honor to be in the same race as her.

Alright that's all I've got. Life otherwise goes well. I get to substitute teach Latin tomorrow and Friday which should be interesting. I told the teacher I don't really know any Latin and she replied "oh that's okay, nobody really does!" I've been working more retail too - you know, one of those greeting card shops where every day is a holiday! You wouldn't believe how many Christmas trinkets we already have out! And if you want to give a Halloween card to your dog - yes, they make a card for that - I can hook you up.
Cider the cow - Halloween '02

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