Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Days

As might have been expected, I've been very lazy since my season ended with Cyclocross Nationals. In the past 10 days other than one 40 minute trainer session I have done virtually no physical activity and it feels kind of nice. Another long racing year in the books and I think a couple of weeks off is deserved. Base training for next season is not far off so I'll enjoy this time of not worrying about whether I've gotten in my required hours of training. Baking Christmas cookies is more fun this time of year anyway!

It's been snowing in Wisconsin practically non stop and I suppose all of the shoveling I've been doing might fall under the physical activity category. We're up to nearly 40 inches for December already. It's crazy - the snow piles in our front yard are so tall! Our driveway is practically a tunnel and backing the car out into the street is scary as you can't see if there are cars coming.

In addition to the snow we had a few days of below zero temps. Usually those don't hit until January or February so it was a little odd. Lots of layers and cups of tea around the house. Cider likes to play up the "I'm a poor little cold dog" act so we cover her up with blankets when she's on her perch looking out the window.

Just for good measure there are a few tidbits of cycling news out there that deserve mention.

Madison's Planet Bike Cup UCI race from this past season has evolved into a USGP race for 2009. Cyclocross Magazine article Awesome news and a testament to what a great scene we have in Wisconsin due in very large part to Renee and also to Plant Bike. Pretty much the premiere racing series here in the US it's great to see that they chose to add Madison to the now 4 weekend series. We'll kick off the racing at the end of September and then Louisville, New Jersey, and Portland will round up the racing.

The destination for 2009 US Cyclocross Nationals has been revealed . . . Bend, OR. I admit I let out a triumphant yell when I heard that. The Pacific Northwest has always entranced me and I have yet to ever step foot into Oregon or Washington. Bend is one of those cities that seems to hold a sort of mythical quality to it (not unlike Boulder and, although to a lesser extent, not unlike Madison).

I thought Katie gave a great interview in Velocity Nation about her own goals and history in cross but also about the state of womens racing in the US and Europe. US women are kicking it over in Europe - last weekend's World Cup had Katie winning, Georgia on the podium in 3rd, and Rachel a strong 8th. Very cool.

Well that's all I've got for now. I'm headed out to shovel the new 4 inches or so of snow and then go do some Christmas shopping. (Yes, it is Christmas Eve - I am one of those procrastinators) I'm looking forward to the next few days and spending time with lots of family. Tomorrow is my big family gathering at my aunt and uncle's house and then Friday we'll go up north to spend time with Dave's family.

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing holiday spent with family and friends!

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Jas said...

Just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a warm and magical Christmas!