Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Season Recap

It's that time of year to look back on the season and remember all of the fantastic experiences I've had in the past 12 months. The above picture is one of my favorite shots from this year. Taken at a Wisconsin cyclocross race at Estabrook Park by the great djonnymac it embodies the spirit of the sport. Not a part that I regularly partake in but I wholeheartedly appreciate and respect the offer here.

Here's a look back at some pictures of the season - first some numbers. They certainly don't define a season but I still like to keep track of them.

63 race days
9 wins
28 top 5 finishes (including wins)

States raced in 11 - IL, WI, IA, AR, MN, OH, MA, KY, NJ, MO, Ontario (Canada)

No racing yet but a fun training camp in NC in March with some WI riders as well as a few KENDA teammates
a windy weekend of racing in Iowa City in April had me in second behind Sydney Brown both days
another fabulous edition of Joe Martin in Arkansas in May and the opportunity to stay with two amazing hosts - Carolyn and Marion
While in Arkansas we found peace on top of a mountain during a training ride - Lee looks like she's about to do the move from Karate Kid and I love the look on Kat's face
In the Tour of Arkansas crit - going after an attack
The podium at the Tour of Arkansas - can you guess the two major teams in the race?
In Iowa at the end of May trying to defend my two Snake Alley titles
but . . . couldn't drop Sam up the climb and she outsprinted me in the end
Another favorite race of mine - the Stillwater Crit at Nature Valley Grand Prix in June
Racing the Grandview crits in Ohio at the end of June and staying for a second year with wonderful host family the Camerons
In Massachusetts in July for Fitchburg and enjoying the local dairy bars
Back in Wisconsin for Superweek in July - here I was second at the Ripon crit
Brooke Miller and I were off the front for a few laps of the inaugural Chicago Crit in August - cross your fingers they give the women a race here this year
Last road race of the year for me - Downers Grove Crit Championship in Illinois
September was all Dave - he raced an impressive Ironman - 10:35 - check out those quads!
First cyclocross race of the year at the Jonathan Page Planet Bike Cup UCI race in Madison at the end of September
A full plate of UCI racing this year - at the USGP in Louisville in October - I'm liking those black skinsuits!
A trip to Toronto for two more UCI races in November - so much fun - great courses both days and excellent support of the women
Getting on the podium both days in Toronto was an honor
Another weekend of USGP racing in New Jersey - holy mud fest - lots of running and lots of wanting the pain to stop!
Going down at the State Champ race - this was from the mens 3 race I did before going on to win the womens race
At Jingle Cross day 2 in the sloppy snowy mud - one of the most frustrating races I had all year . . . but fun!
Racing the Womens 30-34 race at Nationals
and getting on the podium by less than a bike length in the sprint
last race of the year in the Nationals Elite Womens race - see how cold the spectators look.

Thank you to everyone in my life who supports me in my racing!

First and foremost Dave for his unconditional love and support.

My family for coming out to so many races and being my biggest fans.
Dave's family for being supportive of my addiction and not disowning us for missing family weddings!
Bob Downs and Planet Bike for their incredible support of the sport of cyclocross and the Planet Bike team. It was such a pleasure to race on the team this fall and I'm proud to represent such a respectable, hard working company.
Paul Forsythe, the owner/manager of Team KENDA for his hard work with the team and providing opportunities for so many women to be involved in racing.
Team KENDA mechanic Mike Wakeley who is one of the most generous people I know. And he races too!

And thanks to all of you for checking in on me and reading my ramblings! Hope you all had a great 2008!

Happy New Year!

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Mo said...

Hey KW! Happy New Year! Congrats on a great season! I look forward to racing with you again this year! MO