Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and That

I know my readership has decreased during the slow winter season but an update is still probably in order. Our friends Jordan and Rachel were married last weekend and it was a beautiful wedding and a fun time spent with some friends. They instituted a unique policy on the clinking of glasses which required a visual example of how the newlyweds were supposed to lock lips. The majority of our dinner was a brainstorming session at our table on how we might outdo all the previous kisses. We finally decided on forming a human pyramid with Kim on the top and Nick leaning in for for the kiss. Nevermind that the bride now had to scale up the wedding party pyramid in her gown - if they wanted to play this game we wanted to make it interesting :)
They didn't back down from the challenge and even outdid us by adding another level of people - impressive!

Not a whole lot of other exciting news. I taught a bunch of smarty pants high schoolers this week taking on a couple of sub jobs for AP Calc and Rocket Science (aka Aerospace Engineering). Can't say I was a big help to those students but they were all nice kids anyway! Somehow I avoided ever taking calculus so all the integrals and derivatives mystify me. Dave and a few of the guys at PB spoke fondly of their calculus classes and I'm under strict orders to snag some homework packets if I teach that class again!

Training is slowly starting to pick up after two weeks completely off. My back was horrible after nationals and after Christmas I finally decided to see a chiropractor. After two adjustments Ridge had me realigned and feeling tons better. I started running and lifting this week and got out for some skate skiing both days this weekend. Today some friends and I hit up the Southern Kettles for a solid two hours of skiing. Conditions were awesome and it was so nice to be out in the woods. And a stop at the LaGrange Country Store is mandatory when you're nearby so I introduced Jill and Meredith to the amazing food and famous peanut butter balls. Mmm.

We're at T-minus 3 days until Kenda team camp in Florida. Wisconsin is going to get hit with a couple of days of near zero high temps so the timing couldn't be better. Dave's tagging along too for a few days of warm temps and riding outside. I'm really excited to meet and hang out with all of my cool teammates and hopefully log in some big hours on the bike. I got my sweet new custom painted Blue RC8 last week and can't wait to get it built up. I'm waiting on just a few more parts so unfortunately it won't be making the trip to FL but should be ready to ride soon.

Next update will hopefully be from sunny, warm Florida!


Meredith said...

DUDE! thanks again for the great afternoon skiing!! So much freakin fun, I thought about the sun and snow all day at work as I was locked here inside! Safe travels and we'll do it again!

JimmerC said...

You've got plenty of readers. At least 2 in western WI.