Monday, June 22, 2009

Grafton and Manitowoc

No internet access this weekend so a late and brief update.

Saturday's race in Grafton went well and with 7 Kenda riders toeing the line we knew we wanted to control the race. We won nearly every prime and my team was able to let me stay well rested in the field for almost the entire race. As we rounded the last corner I had an open road and started the 300+ meter sprint. Somehow I nearly took it but wasn't too surprised when Theresa Cliff-Ryan passed by me in the last 25 meters. I was very content with another 2nd place finish and this time did not miss the podium!

With Jessi and Devon separated by one point I was down by 2 points for 3rd. What an amazing job by my teammates throughout the race - Team Kenda worked so hard to try to keep the race fast and aggressive. Great racing girls! Also nice finishes by Catherine for 6th and Jackie for 7th!

All in all a great race at a fun venue. Thanks so much to my parents, Jason and Jesse, and Darlene for coming out to cheer me on!! Also huge thanks to Monique for helping us out, cheering us on, and taking all the great photos!!

Pressure was on Sunday in Manitowoc. We raced aggressively but by 40 minutes in nothing was sticking. I was most concerned with watching the two riders in contention for the overall and was hopeful to get a teammate up the road in a break. A huge group of 11 ended up rolling up the road with both Krystal and Catherine in it. Sort of a weird situation that it stuck and in retrospect we should have chased it down. Theresa from Verducci was also in there and her second place finish allowed her to move up in the overall and she's now tied with me. Catherine took 3rd in the break while I was watching Jessi and Devon in the main field. Jackie and Ashley gave me a killer leadout on the last lap and unfortunately I just couldn't come around to move up in points. Jessi took the bunch sprint followed by Devon and then me. The overall now has Jessi and Devon tied for first and Theresa and I tied for second.

Tomorrow is a 60 mile road race in Fon du Lac with 95 degree temps - eek!

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