Monday, June 8, 2009

Wisconsin State Road Race

Had a weekend at home for the first time in almost a month. Nice to spend some time with Dave even though we ended up driving all over the place for various gatherings. Sunday was the Wisconsin State Road Race. A fun rolling course in the southeastern part of the state, this race always draws a good field of women including many out of staters. With over 30 women on the line and several strong teams represented I knew it would be a good race.

We did 6 laps of a 6.5 mile loop which has a steep hill with about 200 meters of false flat to the finish line over the top. The first time up the hill I attacked trying to thin out the group. A mile later a group of 8 of us had formed - Kristen, Devon, and Madeleine from Team BH, Rachel and Kaitie from ISCorp, and two solo riders - a Minnesota Gopher and a Triple X rider from Illinois.

It was a big group and I wasn't real sure I liked the composition of it so I didn't immediately push for it to stick. But once BH organized themselves and realized how good their odds were we all begin to take turns pulling through. After riding that way for 2 laps Kristen threw in an attack which sort of threw a lot of us off guard. Not wanting to give her too long of a leash Rachel and I brought her back and proceeded to more carefully position ourselves and keep an eye on those rascally riders ;)

With two laps to go I attacked on the hill again hoping to maybe thin out the group even more. Riders were strung out and if a few of us had been able to push the pace it might have happened but a mile later we were back together. BH threw in a few more attacks but we were more watchful and as we approached the hill for the final time we were one big group.

I attacked the climb again knowing that was my best strategy as not everyone in the group was a climber. It's a long sucker and as I was getting to the top I struggled a bit to keep the pedals turning quickly and Devon started to come around me. I shifted to the big ring over the top and tried to catch her wheel but she was too strong. Just behind me I see Kaitie so I begin to sprint to the line and as we get there she starts to come around me. I throw the bike but Kaitie has just barely beaten me!

It was a great race and congrats to Kaitie on getting the state title. She's such a strong rider and at only 17 she's only getting stronger! Everyone in our break rode really well and it was fun to try to race smart when being outnumbered!

Thanks to Monique for coming out and cheering and taking photos once again. She's definitely our Superfan!

Now it's off to Minnesota for Nature Valley Grand Prix. Ashley, Ally, and I will drive up this afternoon and racing begins on Wednesday morning. I'll try to write some updates during the race - we'll see if I actually follow through or not!

And I leave you with one of my favorite cycling YouTube videos. I introduced a bunch of my teammates and friends to it recently. It's hilarious - enjoy!


Megan M said...

Nice work! Good luck at Nature Valley....go get 'em!

Meredith said...

wow! I was about to say congrats on the win but guess I'll have to tell KAITIE!:) Great job of luck at NatVal......

Mo said...

Hey nice photos! haha Thanks for letting me be your groupie! I will be on my bike this week! Hooray! Bring back some good news from NV and show them that Kenda can throw down! Keep the rubber side down! Monique