Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waukesha Crit

Alright - so I've procrastinated getting the final race report up and now time is tight! I'm flying out of Madison early tomorrow and arriving in Boston for the Fitchburg Longsjo Stage Race that runs Thursday through Sunday. I decided to skip out on the Masters Nationals TT in Louisville as it would have been a lot of racing, travel, and just a bit too stressful. Getting to spend an extra day at home was well worth it!

So . . . the final race of the America's Dairyland Series was a crit in Waukesha. A windy day with temps in the low 80s it was certainly more comfortable than the high heat earlier in the week. I was only one point behind Theresa for 3rd in the overall so I was hoping to somehow gain a point or two on her today. Unfortunately on lap 2 there was a crash in which my friend Rachel from ISCorp went down on corner 1. She ran into the curb and then into a tree and had to be taken to the ER. Collapsed lungs (one 5% the other 25%), two broken vetebrae, and a separated shoulder - a nasty crash. Get better soon Rachel!

The race was fairly aggressive - I was off solo for 5 laps or so after getting a $50 prime but Theresa soon bridged up and then the rest of the field came too. With about 6 laps to go Jessie and Davina from Verducci attacked together and were gone. With a disorganized chase - but a huge effort by Devon - we were sprinting for third. I was in good position and took an inside line on the last corner and charged toward the line. I thought I was going to take 3rd but 10 meters before the line Thersea came around and I finished 4th . . . down two points on her for 3rd overall. Oh well - it was a great series and I had so much fun racing!!

Thanks so much to Dave for coming out to watch me, Monique, Jason and Jessie and other friends out there cheering!

Alright - time to go to bed!!