Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nature Valley Day 3

So Friday's stage was a crit in Uptown Minneapolis - a very hip neighborhood with lots of cute restaurants and shops. We didn't race until 6:30 so we had a leisurely day beforehand. Our host family has an electric Razor scooter and we decided we had to just give it a quick spin. Here's Ally taking a lap.

And then she decided to hit a slight bump in the driveway and nearly took herself out. Check out Kat's expression!

The scooter fun didn't end there because once we got to the race course there were some neighborhood kids setting up some sweet ramps and jumping their scooters over them. Ally decided she'd use her newfound skills and challenged one of the kids to a race. I think the helmet may have given her an advantage.

Once the shenanigans were over it was actually time to race our bikes. Most of us were just concerned with staying safe and making it through this crit as we knew it wasn't going to affect the GC. This stage race really comes down to Saturday and Sunday so we wanted to conserve some engery in preparation for those races. The race was incredibly fast though and we averaged just under 27mph. Unfortunately Ashley was gapped off early on but the rest of us made it through safely.

Thanks so much to my parents, aunt and uncle, and Dave's brothers Mike and Ryan and their wives Karla and Rachael for coming out to spectate and cheer us on. It was great to see everyone and we had a nice dinner afterward. Happy Birthday Ryan!!

On our walk back to our car we noticed that someone had decided to TP the Team Type 1 Van. We were not involved but we decided to take a photo as it was pretty funny!

We leave shortly for our 92 mile road race in Mankato today. Should be a very important stage in the race and the big hill on the finishing circuits should split everything up. It'll be a blast!

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